shareware program for downloading Google maps and calibrating for OziExplorer and other programs

requires Windows 2000, XP operating system with .NET framework 1.1 installed and internet connection
runs also under Linux with Mono (latest version is recommended)

latest version main features:

  • navigating through map by clicking
  • generating OziExplorer and GPSdash calibrated map file
  • saving cached source images 256x256 without recompresing jpeg
  • saving more than 8192x8192 jpeg or tiff files
  • user selected map size
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latest version 1.2.12 you can download from here

NOTICE! GoogleOzi is no more supported from 1st of Jun 2011 and new registrations are not possible!
Please use it's enhanced replacement Terra Incognita instead.
Here you can find web page and download it:


limitations of unregistered version

this program is shareware and you can try it with limitations of saving only 1 map, then you must close program. Map size is also limited to first 3 levels of resolution. Registered program is without limitations, registration fee is 15 EUR.


You can register it by PayPal. Registration is not automated service, mail with registration informations may be sent with few hours delay. Registered users have next versions for free. This software purchase is final and non-refundable. Please be sure you have successfully tested the unregisterd version before purchasing a license. Author of program is not responsible for map servers or services functionality or problems with downloading maps.

FAQ - frequently asked questions


how to use it

There is a map view in the center of window where map is shown. Below it is information area for showing status of current operation, map resolution in meters per pixel and GPS coordinates for current view. There is also other informations shown, line downloaded size during saving of map. There are buttons for download actions and parameter selectors on the top of the window.

Navigating through the map is done by clicking into one of five parts of map view. Clicking into central part will load map with higher resolution. Step back is possible by right button click anywhere on the map. Click on side parts of map moves map by that direction. Mouse cursor is changed according to its position on map view to signalize possible action. If there is not available map in selected resolution on the server, there is displayed special picture to signalize it.

Once selected view is found download can be started by clicking on Make! button. This will save map in current resolution and size selected in combobox. Saved will be current view or selected area if was made by selection rectangle. There is possibility to select only small part of map by mouse. When selected area is marked, map image will be saved only for this area, not for whole map.

Largest picture can be saved by selecting highest resolution which will make picture bigger than 8192x8192 pixels and very large TIFF file or compressed jpeg file will be saved. It is better to use large map resolutions with small selected area to reduce file size and time during downloading of map. OziExplorer or other selected map file is automatically generated for saved map view.

Program can be used in batch processing with command line parameters.
Parameters are: latitude longitude width heigth level
Latitude and longitude must be in decimal number format of degrees (DD), width and height are in pixels, level is number from 1 to 20 depending on map resolution. Latitude and longitude are coordinates of upper left corner of map, high level numbers can make black map because of missing tiles on servers.

Please read carefully Google and Microsoft Terms and Conditions about using and downloading maps. Author of this program is not responsible for violating these terms and conditions.

questions and comments you can send to